Baby Shower

A baby shower is one of the most joyously anticipated celebrations you will ever experience. It is a milestone marking the beginning of a family’s evolution, of a couple’s new relationship to each other, of an individual’s new role as parent, and as the first record of the baby when he or she was a twinkle in his or her parents’ eyes. The close friends and cherished family members in attendance at a baby shower are there to cheer on the pregnant mom and dad.

Baby showers are fun with good food, drink, games, and decorations. They are typically planned with great care and thematic creativity, with an eye to exactly what the mother-to-be likes. As such, we want to catch this all as it unfolds as accurately and artfully as possible. Your guests are not at the shower to work. They are important members of the family’s inner circle. No one wants to say, “No” to the parents-to-be when they ask, “Would you mind taking photos?” But, the reality is a) it’s a big responsibility, and b) how can you be a participant when you are an observer? Guests are there to share in a collective welcome to the community, if not to the baby itself exactly, then, at least, to the idea of the baby, and certainly to the parents-to-be. Let your guests be guests.

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