This story is so much special to us as it is the beautiful voyage of two best friends who decided to be the room-mates from batchmates. This is the story of friendship that turned into loveship over 10 years of togetherness.

They were not so sure about marrying each other because both belonged to different castes but their destiny was already planned by the almighty. They were so grateful to their parents who genuinely supported their relationship.

What we found adorable about Bhargav and Surbhi is they still have kept their friendship alive. They love, laugh and live each and every moment of their life. They complete each other in each and every gorgeous way.

Bhargav consider Surbhi as his luck charm whose presence can turn any worse situation to better one. Surbhi loves being around him, he is her happiest place which soothes her.

We enjoyed a lot working with this cute and charming couple which will be the inspiration to many people.

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